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Nov. 9th, 2007

making progress...

As of today my focus and effort will be put into drawing everyday as often as I can. Today I have roughly completed 3 hours of work with the focus being Bargue plate drawings. If you are unsure what a Bargue drawing/plate is, this thread on conceptart.org will help -http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=12104
I am using the original plates found in the Bargue Drawing Course book that I bought from a friend. The book currently retails for over $500 depending on the available printing at the time. I was able to pay $100 for it, praise God! I am about to finish the first of many many "plates" that you have to redraw perfectly. So far I have invested about 11-12 hours total on this one plate and this is just the beginning one. Hopefully on Tuesday or Monday night, after we return to Chicago, I will be able to start the next plate on the list.
Tomorrow we are leaving to go to Knoxville for 1 day, if I do not count the driving days. We leave Saturday after Brad gets done with work, around 2pm (3pm Knoxville time) and will arrive in Knoxville around midnight. We are leaving Monday morning after my Orthodontist appointment around 9am. So that gives us Sunday to visit with family. I doubt we will make any effort to see friends this visit because of our limited time. We will visit more in the future though. :}
I hope everyone is doing well. I am eager to post my first Bargue once I get the last piece completed tomorrow. God bless!
In Christ,

Nov. 3rd, 2007

Up and running...

Yesterday was the first day that we were able to finally get an internet connection. We were going to try DSL but aparently a lot of older(by old I mean 20-40 years) apartments/condos around here have faulty wiring and after waiting several days only to find out DSL needed more time, we decided to get comcast cable internet instead (especially since they offered the introductry rate, making it equal pricing with DSL). :D
Things are beginning to flow into a routine again, something I am happy about. Brad started his new job on Monday and has worked 6 days in a row. Today is his 'friday' and then he starts having Sundays and Mondays off. He REALLY loves his job and is really enjoying learning everything about Nortel switching right now. After he gets through with Nortel, he will move on to Lucent. Both of which are foundational steps to advancing within switching in the engeering dept.
As for me... Im not sure entirely what will happen over the next year. My number one concern right now is finding a good church and keep my eyes focused on Christ and seeing what He has for me. Brad and I are trying Bethel Assembly of God church this Sunday and are really excited about it(http://www.bethelassemblyofgod.org/). We have already listened to several of the sermons online and by looking at the calendar they have an adult Bible study during the week, small groups sunday night, and they even do fasting once a month. Fasting is a huge thing and it is hard to find a church that regularly does it along with prayer. So I am excited about going tomorrow morning. :D
I will post pictures soon of our new place and the area. It really is beautiful here. Chicagoland (suburbs of Chicago) really go the extra mile to make sure that the area stays beautiful.
Anyway...I will post more as I can.
Lara :}

Oct. 21st, 2007

eeee, happy, fun, yay

A second beginning...

I said I was going to try and update more so I am, even if I cannot write that much at a time. I usually get so wrapped up in things that I forget to let everyone else know what is going on.

My husband and I got back early Friday morning from our trip to Chicago to find a place to live. We found a wonderful condo on the 2nd floor of a 2 story building. It has so much character and the price was a wonderful deal and one we can easily afford without me having to get a job.(not saying I will not work, but we will not feel strain or pressure for me TO work in case I cannot find a job right away or decide to return to school instead). All the other people in the area are owners of their place and the lady who owns the place is getting married and moving in with her fiance/soon to be husband, so she is renting hers to us. Who knows...maybe we will end up buying it?
So I am pretty excited. :D On Tuesday morning the movers show up around 6:30am and help us pack everything. HOPEFULLY we will get on the road by 9am, 10am worst case. This still means we have to drive 55mph the whole way because we will have a trailor on the Penske truck to carry Brad's care while I drive mine. Most everyone drives 80mph through the whole state of Indiana. It will be hard having to go so slow and tedious the whole time. O.O But at least we only have to make the journey once.
Monday we are taking a bunch of stuff to the dump and giving away some stuff we do not want....IF anyone is interested we have a DRESSER that is really nice quality that is free to anyone who would like it. Just let us know by Monday so you can come get it sometime on that day. :D We did have a coffee table as well but our next door neighbors, Chris and Will, are taking it.
I am going to make some videos of our new place and put them on youtube or something so all our friends can see our new place and maybe some of the city in Chicago. :D If anyone has XBox live please let us know! So far our friends Chris and Scott in Japan have Xbox live and it helps to keep in touch, especially with Scott.
Ill post more soon, but probably not till we get moved in. :D

Lara :}

Oct. 2nd, 2007

Time of moving

As most of your know by now my husband, Brad, accepted an offer for a NOC Technician position in Engineering at the US Cellular NOC in Schaumburg IL. On October 14th we will leave to visit the area and stay with a friend of ours while we spend the week looking for a place to live. On October 23rd we will be moving to Schaumburg IL and on October 29th Brad will start his new position.
As a result of this, in an effort to keep in touch with more friends as we move farther away, I will be updating my journal on a more regular basis. I decided to change the look of it as well for a fresh start, and even though my last post is over a year old, I wanted to keep all my previous entries available.
Since I have not been in close contact with most of my friends on LJ, I would not know where to start to begin to explain all the amazing things that God has done in our lives over the last year. And now with this move I am anxious to see what happens next. Either way Brad and I know we are blessed beyond measure by Christ. All glory to God for everything that has happened. :D
Lara :}

Jul. 28th, 2006

(no subject)

It has been a while since I updated. :} So here goes:

First off, I have a new job now and Brad has a new position. We both work for US Cellular. I started two weeks ago as a part-time cashier at the Broadway Store location. I am truely loving it too! After being in front of a monitor for 2 years I was suprised at how much I missed interacting face to face with customers and being able to help them. :} Plus USCC is a great company. 4 weeks ago Brad got a position at the Kingston Pike Store as a Service Technician. He is loving that. It gives him great experience, especially on the electronics side, and gives him another step towards moving up in the tech side of the company. Originally I was worried about working part-time but God has really worked it out in so many ways. Honestly we are doing so much better financially than I thought we would. :D Yay!
Now... besides work... I am starting school this fall at the Academy of Art online. It is located in San Francsico CA but they have all their BFAs online pretty much. It is suppose to be a REALLY hard school too and requires about 10 hours of homework or more each week per class, as a result I am only taking two classes starting out. I am going towards Illustration and I hear that you will fill up at least several sketch books each semester. AT LEAST! I am really excited about starting and now that I work at US Cellular starting in the spring they will pay 60% of tuition (100% if I eventually move to full time). :D Yay!! As for Brad... he started school online several weeks ago for his BS in Telecommunications. He is really enjoying it too. I am really proud of him and I am anxious to see where God guides both of us. :D
Other than that we are both just staying busy and spending lots of time together. We are very blessed because now we have sooooo much more time together everyday, not to mention usually at least one day off each week together. God is truely amazing. I have to say that I think, honestly, Brad and I are happier and more overjoyed than we have ever felt before. Praise God! :D
Well...I do not have many more big updates. There are small things going on like us walking/jogging in the mornings together (something new we have started), we are starting to look for a house and it looks as though we may get one in 6 months to a year from now. :D
How is everyone else doing? It has been so long since I talked to most everyone here. :D I keep wondering when Charles and Anna will being moving to knoxville (and Charles may have answered me about this question in one of his posts, but I did not see it)and how things are doing in murfreesboro...etc. I hope everything is going better for Sarah, I know we have not talked in a while. How is Sharon doing? :} I thought I saw something about you and Ben going on a trip? :D I know I read that Sharon was able to lose weight and congrats on that! Brad and I are seriously talking about signing up for weight watchers. You just learn so many valuable information about eating and nutrition. Not to meniont portion sizes.... O.O
So everyone please write and let me know what is up!
Take care and I will try and write more soon. Cheers!!


Apr. 15th, 2006

Easter Plans

I know this is a little late and I am sure everyone already has plans for Easter this weekend - BUT IN CASE YOU DON'T!!.... You can come and see me in the Faith Promise play production. I am playing the role of a demon! :D There are a total of 7 performances - 1 was last night (Friday night) at 7pm. 3 are tonight 4pm, 6pm, and 8pm. Brad and my family are going to the 8pm showing. Then there are 3 tomorrow morning 9am, 11am, and 1pm. Everyone is welcome to come. If you want more info go to www.faithpromise.com OR ASK SHAY! :} Everyone take care and have a great Easter.

ps - sorry I have not updated more, I have been slammed the last couple of weeks cause of this play and other things. But I love all you guys and I miss you, especially you Anna! We need to hang out soon or I'll cry. :{ Let me know how you guys are and Ill try and start updating more too. :} Cheers everyone and have a good Easter.

Lara :}

Feb. 28th, 2006

(no subject)

I just have to post this inspiration thread from a drawing website I visit often - especially during slow periods at work. This thread features a guy who in 3 years did an amazing turn around in his work just by drawing everyday or everyother day. This is a drawing and a painting he did when he first started: (page 1 of thread since I cannot link to the pictures directly): http://conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=870&highlight=journey+absolute

And here is a link to one of the last pages - a little over 3 years later:


Now this just goes to show that it doesn't matter how bad you think you are - with perseverance you can accomplish anything you put your mind to. One day at a time. :}

Lara :P

Feb. 27th, 2006

eeee, happy, fun, yay

Hey! Lara's updating....how suprising ;}

I have not updated this journal in a very long time - looks about 5 months now at least. A lot has happened over the last 5 months and for those of you who have not really talked to me on a regular basis, this will be a good catcher-upper. :} Where to begin....first off, I am writing this while I work (I am actually bored right now because this is our slow period, so I currently have no work to do. We will be extremely busy by the summer, though). I no longer work for ACN/JTV in the Imaging Dept for many many reasons, if you want to email me out of curiousity, you can. :} I now have a new job working downtown for a Design Company called ImagePoint. They mainly focus around Pylon and sign replacements for companies. I work in the Survey Dept. as a Graphic Designer. Yay! It is a really great company, I am FINALLY on 1st shift - not only that but I get to set my schedule 1st shift, and I work in Adobe Illustrator all day. Plus I started out at a little more than I was making at ACN. :} So I am very happy and very thankful to God.
Yesterday was Brad's first official day switching to first shift at USCC. We had a great evening together and we were both dumbfounded at the amount of time we now have. It is incredible how much 2nd (or 3rd from what I have heard) shift sucks your life away and gives you more needed rest and less time for everything - not to mention you tend to feel grumpy all the time (even though you get tons of sleep, it is kind of illogical).
I feel so blessed and am so happy with our schedule/job changes. Brad is still at USCC and will be for a while because of school, however in the fall he will get his Associates Degree in Networking and Computer Science. After that he will pursue a BS degree in Telecommunications. Yay! Go him. :}
As for myself.... I, like always, am uncertain what my future holds. All I know is that God has led me this far and although I have hardly drawn anything in the past few months other than some anatomy for an online drawing class, I miss it greatly and I feel as though it will be a big part of my future. God has begun to open up other areas of interest in my life as well. I definitly would like to get more involved in my church so I can begin to give back to others. I have been a Christian for close to 6 years now and I am only now becoming a member of a church. I think I should have done that a lot time ago. Not because, as a Christian, you must have church in your life, that it is a requirement or anything like that. I personally love church b/c I love praising God with upbeat/concert type music and I love learning about Him, not to mention meeting fellow Christians. But I believe I should have joined a church a long time ago because churches make it possible to help others and give to others in ways that are very hard to try and accomplish on our own.(such as going on mission trips, or even helping someone seeking counsel, or even just helping out with the service, or numerous other possiblities ;})
Overall I have come to a very happy place in my life and I am so overly excited about where God is leading me for the future.
I guess that is a pretty good update. I will post my most recent anatomy drawings soon if people would like for me to. How is everyone else doing? I have only read a few entries over the last few months, but as far as I can tell, other than Charles feeling as though he is doing nothing at the moment ;}, everyone seems to be doing pretty good. But, like I said, I have only seen a few entries - I will feel horrible now if someone has had a relative or parent pass away or something. :{ Everyone let me know how you are doing!! Shay - Brad and I are going to start attending church at FP on Saturday nights from now on since he works 1st shift. :} Do you go on Saturdays? Also do you know a girl named Erica Johnson (or Dunn, she just got married recently). She goes to FP too and I work with her now. :}

Cheers everyone,

Sep. 5th, 2005

eeee, happy, fun, yay

Being Human

It has been a long time since I last updated. :} And after this update, it may go for a long time as well. Who knows. Either way I figured I should give an update of what is going on in my life. Work is going good, though a great deal is changing. We are redoing our dept, as far as the physical structure, so we can fit more people into the dept because we are doubling in size. We are not getting Nikon D2X cameras (12 megapixel) instead of the D100s we were using previously. We are also getting all kinds of other new things. It has taken 6 months to finally get the project underway, but it is quite exciting now that it is here. And once we get more people in the debt, the chance for mandatory OT will demish greatly.
I have decided to change my major in school to a general Associates of Science degree with a focus in Liberal Arts. I was going for Graphic Design, but after studying it for a year I am realizing more and more that it is not my passion. Drawing/paiting are my passions, more specifically drawing the human figure and studying it. Unless the CGT dept starts an Illustration degree, I will probably finish school in 07 with my Associates of Science degree. I am not sure where I will go from there. I really do not want to go to UT because, frankly, I do not see their Liberal Arts degree as being worth much. Most degrees with a focus in Studio Art are well known in the art field for being worthless. Though it is not the degree that makes the artist, if I am actually going to make myself work towards a degree and eventually accomplish one, I would actually like it to mean something. I would honestly rather go to ETSU, especially now that they have an illustration program that includes digital art/video game art/and sequential art(comic books). But I will just have to see where God guides.
This semester I am taking an online workshop through cgtalk.com titled "Drawing from the Past", it is a study of anatomy. I will learn a great deal about the skeletal structure and muscular structure of the human figure. I am really excited about it! If this workshop teaches me as well as I hope it does, I may start taking more and more and who knows, maybe I wont even persue a BA. :} It is all up to God and where He takes me.
As for updates with Bradley (eee :}), he is moving from Roamer Support back to customer service. He wont enjoy the position as much, but our hours will stay pretty much teh same as far as working 2nd shift, and within a month he should be able to get weekends off with me. :} So we are really excited about it. My friend, Sarah, just moved into her new place. Her and Sherman bought a single wide out in clinton. It is so pretty! You wouldnt expect a single wide (or any trailor really) to be as beautiful on the inside as it is. They got a 2004 model and it is pretty much brand new. Sarah is so much happier now after moving out of the house they were in before, that was falling appart may I add. Sarah starts her free CNA training at a place called HillCrest in a week. Brad and I are so happy she has refocused on the medicial field. She can work on her counseling on the side while she is a CNA. She is hoping to get her LPN too and they make like $23 an hour! Sarah is definitly a lot happier, praising God for all he has done, and really, for the first time in a long time, feels as though she is back on the right track. Just keep both Sherman and Sarah in your prayers. They are both having to have 2nd jobs right now until finances become more stable. :} I know God will guide em through it.

Well, I guess I have written enough. I will try and update more so when I do updated it isnt so huge. XD
Take care everyone and remember God loves you!!


May. 8th, 2005

Pint-sized Pirate Mayhem

Hey Anna! This is a picture for you. :} Let me know if the link doesnt work or if for some reason it changes. It should be a picture about pirates. :} I thought it was really cool and detailed, let me know what you think!



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